1. Niferous

    Trying to Find a Source for Rigid Brake Line

    I was replacing the upper rubber brake line that goes from my frame down to the tee fitting that bolts to the differential and have run into a problem. It looks like somewhere along the line the rigid line that goes from the frame down to the rubber hose was kinked and when I tried loosening the...
  2. RFB

    Ive got a set of rigid duallys the midnght version,

    Any foreseeable issues with mounting them on the hood? I cant mount to 4xlabs bumper only free spot would potentially interfere with winch line .
  3. Layonnn

    Wiring rigid duallys to factory fog switch?

    I just got a pair of Labrak's ARB fog replacements and ordered a pair of the rigid dually flush mount lights to put in there. My fog light switch currently turns on the ARB fogs and have done the mod to allow them to stay on with high beams. Can I use the factory wiring harness to power the...
  4. kevinfoutch

    Slee Fog Light Adapter for ARB Bumpers

    I recently had @sleeoffroad install an ARB Deluxe bumper on my 2011 LC and had their new fog light adapter added as well. These should be compatible for any ARB bumpers that you might typically install the ARB fog lights. The ARB fogs, which many of you may already know, are not ideal for most...
  5. AussieRedneck

    For Sale  Rigid Duallies and factor 55 thimble, 1.25" and 1.5" wheel spacers: oklahoma

    I have several sets of rigid duallies. I will sell them for $50 a light (that's $100 for a pair) obo. They do not come with wiring, just light, mount and plug. Spots and floods. I also have a red factor 55 thimble (sold). Two pairs of wheel spacers in good shape. 1 pair of 1.25 wheel spacers...
  6. Pismo 2016

    Pismo 2016

  7. Pismo 2016

    Pismo 2016

  8. Pismo 2016

    Pismo 2016

  9. Pismo 2016

    Pismo 2016

  10. Pismo 2016

    Pismo 2016

  11. Pismo 2016

    Pismo 2016

  12. Pismo 2016

    Pismo 2016

  13. Pismo 2016

    Pismo 2016

  14. Pismo 2016

    Pismo 2016

  15. FixedIt

    eBay  Rigid LED 20" light bar

    All, I've listed my Rigid Industries 20" LED light bar on eBay. I purchased it used on MUD but I never installed it. Great working order, real workhorse of a light bar in a compact form. rigid industries 20 led light bar Priced it at $449.
  16. krice118

    For Sale  Rigid Industries 30" Combo dual row bar

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