1. MrOffshore

    No Power - Won't Rev over 3K RPM's

    Having an issue with my 96' Land Cruiser...background, 211,000 miles, replaced engine at 200K miles with a used motor that had 70K miles. Truck ran fine. Have not had any issues, then truck died on road, would not restart, I was not driving it. Towed the truck approximately 200 miles, I was...
  2. Nifski

    For Sale  Rev tec 2.5" lift/ Leveling kit for 2015 4runner

    Just upgraded to an OME lift, Dealer installed and removed at 40k miles. $125.00 includes shipping to lower 48. PM me for photos, Thx,N
  3. Navyator

    Auto Trans, Shift Problem

    Hey all, I'm new to the forum as I've just purchased my first land cruiser. Bought a 1991 80 series with just around 75,000 miles. As it's a used car I'm on heightened alert about ever creak and rattle I come across, but I'm pretty sure this one might be indicative of something worse to come...
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