1. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 Exhaust Systems, Complete or Parts

    SoCal From California non rustbelt cars. For 1991-1992 and for 1995-1997 ONLY I do not ship compelte exhaust because the cost is outrageous, and normally don't bother with mufflers at all unless the muffler is almost new. Exhaust systems will include 02 sensors wherever possible. I also have...
  2. S

    Photo Favor Req? Air Box Resonator Mounts

    Hoping someone may be willing to snap a couple of photos of how the Air Box Resonator, Hose Toyota (17875-50190) is mounted to the manifold. The mounts on mine are broken, the mounting point closest to the firewall has a threaded post that the leg of the box fits over but I don't know if this...
  3. Beej

    Which exhaust resonator should I choose?

    Hey folks, I'm shopping for the last piece of exhaust; did the magnaflow 23120 and a magnaflow muffler. Other Mud members have used the same setup successfully and I like what I've experienced so far. However, I've got highway drone. The way I understand it, muffler quiets, resonator...

    Finally Installed New Exhaust System

    I've had my truck for 12 years now and have probably needed a new muffler for about 8 of those years. I don't remember how many times it's actually broken and fallen off, only to be welded up again and tucked back in place. Anyway, after looking at every exhaust thread on MUD I sourced the...
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