1. yotadude520

    1990 4Runner Build/Rescue

    Well I finally did it - I finally owned an FJ40. Check that off the list. Or as I previously joked what is left of one. Over the course of the short period owning it though I realized something - as much as I love the FJ40's and as long as I've wanted one I'm just not an FJ40 guy. There's...
  2. yotadude520

    1970 FJ55 for sale in Seattle - only $300!!

    I posted this up in the classifieds but figured I'd post it here too. Somebody needs to rescue this piggy! Seller's # is (360) 770-6239 CL ad below:
  3. yotadude520

    For Sale  1970 FJ55 in Seattle - $300!!

    Somebody please rescue this thing!! Seller's # is (360) 770-6239
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