1. RustyNailJustin

    Wanted FJ62 oil psi guage

    My 89 FJ62 oil guage is cooked. Looking for a replacement. I really don't want to buy a complete instrument cluster.
  2. J

    Is 45 psi a lot for 285 75 16 AT KO Load E

    Hi There I was chatting with Tire Rack about a new set of 285 75 16 Tyres. The one I have an E Load Range which means they should be run at 45 psi. I usually ran them at 34 psi. I tried 45 psi the ride is a bit firmer but truck seems a bit more nimble and will probably do a bit better on fuel...
  3. SAM1HDT

    Only 22psi...

    Hello fellow mudders! I have a 1hdt 80 and I just can't seem to get over 22psi with... I have a turbo that is ls proven to be capable of putting out 35psi! (Gturbo Bad Boy) I have installed a boost tee and with it fully adjusted there is no change in boost, I have even gone for I drive with no...
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