1. TexAZ

    Cupholder insert prototype, fitment model needed in Baton Rouge

    I just ordered a cup holder insert from Tsumara designs ( Home ) for the wife's GX470. The reviews are great and they offer them for other Toyota vehicles, so I asked what was needed to make one for the 200 series. all they need is a donor vehicle to take measurements and test fit prototypes...
  2. 65swb45

    For Sale  Prototype 4speed column shift, CA

    Getting real with myself about what I want to do with Mark's Off Road over the next couple of decades I just don't see myself bringing this rare adapter to market. I've watched the thread on it get bumped years after year, but I just never got around to finding someone with the tooling to make a...
  3. kelly saad

    100 Series Grill Complete NOW AVAILABLE

    Update. I will be posting these for sale here: 100 Series grill Please be patient while I upload the current pictures, hopefully in the next couple weeks. I increased the hole size on the panels to increase air flow. Also, we made a honeycomb hole pattern that offers maximum airflow. These two...
  4. FJ80 tailgate storage panel

    FJ80 tailgate storage panel

    Two prototype storage doors for the fj80/fzj80 tailgate. Refining the design, choosing hardware and finishes.
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