1. TeamJB

    For Sale  FJ40 Power Steering box.

    FJ40 power steering box in used condition. 685$ shipped.
  2. MrBlue

    BJ74 Repair Questions

    G'day gang, the BJ74 has been a little neglected as of late unfortunately due to moving states and being unemployed for a period of time - now that I have the time and coin I would like to start fixing it back up. A few things need attention but I seem to be struggling to source the...
  3. TeamJB

    For Sale  FJ40 Power steering box.

    Fj40 Power Steering box for sale. Price 685$ shipped.
  4. Kynadonfan

    Powersteering bleed

    Hi there, I'm new to the land cruiser world and happy to be here. I just bought a 91 FZJ80 and i replaced the power steering pump because it was seizing up and preventing the belt from spinning and steering was a nightmare. I am tryign to figureout how to bleed the system of air. i jacked it up...
  5. TeamJB

    SOLD  FJ40 Power Steering box

    Used power steering box for fj40 available. Price 575$ shipped.
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