1. Frkens

    FJ62 vs. a bull in Peru of all countries... (spoiler: bull dies)

    Hi guys, Just uploading this because I thought some of you might like it. I am lucky enough to have the time and money to travel from Los Angeles to Argentina in my FJ62 with my girl. Two nights ago we hit a bull which the owner was dragging through a city area. It went crazy and ran across...
  2. PeruFJ80

    Peruvian FJ80 Cruiser Questions:No VIN in normal locations? New parts don't fit 3F engine? Help?

    I am a medical missionary in Arequipa Peru with a FJ80 land cruiser. The registration says it is a 1991, so I ordered parts from and when my inlaws brought them, it was apparent that they did not fit(we made it work) my 3F engine( engine number 3F 0331756) . The distributor cap...
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