1. cruisergear

    Cruiser Gear - Patches/Stickers/Shirts, etc

    Hello fellow Cruiser Heads! We thought it would better to centralize this information so as to not clutter the forum and make it easier for people to find the products. We will use this thread to announce new products from Cruiser Gear. We release a new limited edition patch every month as...
  2. 77HesterSue

    For Sale  40 door skins/lower patches (IA)

    SOLD Selling a set of CCOT 40 front door skins. $240 plus shipping. I bought them and never used them. See the CCOT description Door Skins, Front Door - Front - Lower 6" - '75 to '84 Fits front doors of - FJ40, BJ40, HJ47 - '75 to '84 CCOT's built-in details save you time. 16-gauge steel ~...
  3. myquestoyota

    SOLD  Real Steel wheel well patches

    I have a pair of the real steel patches I won't be using. They are $160 a pair from real steel I'm asking $125 plus shipping for these. Wheel well opening patch 1965-84 - Real Steel Cruiser Parts
  4. schradec

    Patagucci Patches

    Hey all figured I would post up here to gauge interest and just to offer you guys a chance to snag one if wanted. Been toying with some various fun little patch ideas and will be offering this one first (more to follow). 5inx2in velcro backed. **It ill not have that white border (screen shot...
  5. WaterfowlZone

    Heart of the South Cruisers - Patches

    The HOTS Cruiser patches arrived today, they turned out really cool. If anyone is interested just drop me a note at or shoot me a PM. Cost is $5/each which includes the shipping.
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