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  1. cmcp0101

    For Sale  1989 FJ62 Front Driver and Passenger Seats - Brown, San Diego, CA

    Seats are in great shape. Drivers side has vinyl trim that is separating, but no fabric tears. See pics. Creases are from storing boxes on top and will come out. Asking $300 obo, prefer not to ship and can meet you in the SoCal area, or pick up in San Diego. Also selling the brown stock center...
  2. Woody Craig

    2013 LC200 - Rattle in front passenger seat and back seat

    I've owned the LC200 for about 7 months. Ever since I've had it, I've alway noticed when riding over bumps, the interior isn't as quiet/solid as my wife's LC200. I finally took it in to Toyota and they said the bracket on the back seat has "worn out" and I'd need to replace it, to the tune of...
  3. J

    New front passenger seat

    Hi all, I tried to fix my power seats and ordered new gears from gamviti. After reinstallation of the seat, It still won't slide... I've given up and want to just order new seats (don't care if it's manual) Anyone know where I can buy new seats? Thanks!
  4. riffman12

    Passenger seat motor totally dead. Where to start?

    Hi guys, Car is a '97 FZJ80 with 155k miles Been looking through seat problem threads and everything points to caps and gears. My driver seat has the cap and gear issue (tilts up and down fine, but doesn't slide back and fourth unless I loosen seat bolts). I'll be ordering parts to fix that...
  5. mball911

    Wanted  Want to Buy Passenger Seat Belt in Tan

    I am looking for the female end only in tan for my 1995 Cruiser for the front passenger side. Can anyone help me out? Shipping to 53207 (Milwaukee, WI) Thanks! Mike
  6. FZJ75 1998 original front passenger seat

    FZJ75 1998 original front passenger seat

    Comes also with driver's seat, in equally excellent condition
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