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  1. OtterLA

    What parts are impossible to find?

    What parts can't you find? My buddy is rebuilding a couple FJs and has been complaining to me about how hard some parts are to find. I've been running manufacturing & product development operations for years and could reproduce top-quality older Toyota parts, like interior plastics, gaskets...
  2. Brewsterfire

    For Sale  3B/13BT Engine parts - Individual prices

    No longer need. FJ 40 3B/13BT Diesel swap parts for sale 12v 80 amp alternator with vacuum pump almost new. SOLD 12v starter for 3B or 13BT works great. $175 Front Frame mounts and engine mounts (Rare). Bolt in SOLD Fan shroud for 3B/13BT SOLD 12v VSV shut off switch $15 Front and rear...
  3. Gdub216

    For Sale  100 Series Automatic Transmission Shift Knob & T.Case Knob for Sale

    Gentlemen, I am willing to sell my old shift knob and T.Case knob if there is interest. The stitching is all intact and is not frayed. No wood inlay -- all Leather. Leather is not discolored or dirty or weathered. The H-N-L is still quite visible, roughly % opacity. I would give them a 8/10 and...
  4. M

    For Sale  Misc. 80s series Parts For Sale

    Selling parts off of my wrecked 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser. I'm hoping my old girl can live on in some of your rides. More pictures coming soon. If you want more pictures of something specific let me know. Make an offer. Trying to sell quickly. Buyer pays shipping. Front driver seat leather tan...
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