1. jkdur728

    Parting Out  Virginia/ Washington DC 2 1988 fj62 Land Cruisers Part Out

    I have a 2 fj62s that im parting out. One is mostly dismantled and im willing to see the roller pictured. (Have a trans/case Motor etc) The other truck is very complete at this time. There is a link to my YouTube channel when I picked it up so you can see whats available via video if thats...
  2. jkdur728

    Toyota Landcruiser Youtube Channel Fj60 Fj62 Fj55 Fj40 Part Outs, How To And Builds

    Hey there everyone. Ive been working on putting together cruiser youtube channel for a while now. Coming up on 100 videos or builds, barnfinds and all the adventures in between. Check it out if your looking for some cool content. Let me know if there is something you want me to bring to...
  3. SBFJ60FIG

    Parting Out  T-100 Part out 5VZE auto, 4x4 SR5 - Chicago

    Whole truck - going to the boneyard soon - motor good, trans/x-fer good but gone, seats and console may be sold - most everything else here - won't really have time for little parts here and there to ship but if you want big stuff let me know. Feel free to call or text to 630-728-9684 or PM...
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