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    oxygen sensor "extender" for LC100 - rear sensor for bank one

    I ordered these from Amazon: Amazon.com: Universal O2 Sensor Spacer Adapter Isolator (Pack of 2): Automotive and my mechanic said that I need one with a flange for 04 Landcruiser rear O2 sensor. Was anybody able to find one with a flange which would fit rear O2 sensor for bank 1?
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    Troubleshooting Stumbling / Hesitation issues

    Hi all, I have seen a lot of posts regarding this issue and very few solutions, so here goes my story / fix on my 1993 LC... Note: This should apply to 1994 and earlier Toyota's with a VAF Meter (not a MAF Sensor). Short Story: Issue: Hesitation / Stumbling whenever (could be cold, hot, city...
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