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  1. P

    Builds PalmoftheWild 100 Series Build

    Hello All, My name is Craig and I'm new to the forum/overlanding world. I'm documenting my build and adventures on instagram, PalmoftheWild. My friend, Nate Day, (somedayadventure) has inspired me to pursue my dream of owning a beast of an adventure vehicle. My wife and I have been known to...
  2. aausmana

    For Sale 2014 Toyota Land Cruiser for sale - Fully Built

    NEWS - Alright everyone, well here it goes! For those of you that have wanted the opportunity to own a fully built 200 series - HERE IT IS! I have decided to potentially sell my pride and joy. I have not even had the opportunity to take her off-road nor truly enjoy the fruits of my (and many...

    For Sale 2003 FORD E250 QUIGLEY 4X4 VAN

    This van is in excellent mechanical condition and the body is decent. It was a service truck and was fleet maintained and everything works especially the AC and stereo. The van is in Shreveport, Louisiana, USA. The transfer case, 4x4, Hi/Low all work perfectly with no issues and the engine is...
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