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  1. demoj

    Events/Trails  Overland Expo West! May 17-19

    Overland Expo this year is May 17th-19th and Stace and I are attending! If anyone else is interested in attending or visiting we are down for caravan, camp compounding and sharing "fire". Stace will be in the glorious TanTaco and I plan on bringing the TW (aka "Bouncy" aka "R2TW" aka...
  2. 427060

    Anyone going to Overland Expo West 2016?

    Sup Mud, I'm thinking about heading up to Flagstaff for Overland Expo on May 20. There's no guarantee that I'll make it because my schedule is pretty tight, but I like having some pressure to work on my rig and get it ready. Anyone else going? Come say hi if you see me! If anyone wants to...
  3. T

    OzTent Discount @ Overland Expo?

    Looking at an OzTent RV-4 or RV-5. I saw OzTents at the 2014 OE West last year, but didn't remember their show pricing. Does anyone know what the show discount was? Just debating whether to buy now or wait until OE this year. Timing not critical at this point. Thanks...
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