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  1. DCM

    For Sale Goodyear Adveture Wrangler 265/70/16 - SoCal only

    i have 4 lightly used goodyear adventure 265/70/16 for sale (tires only, as shown). Drove 5,060 miles on them and they still have 11/32 tread as measured by discount tire at the time of removal (see pic). The tires are in very good condition and I only swapped them out because I bought a...
  2. 1

    Just saying hello.

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forum and new to the Land Cruiser in general. I'm a Marine Corps vet, a family man, and a filmmaker. I come from of long history of Toyotas. Started with an '86 Toyota "Truck", then onto a 2003 4runner, 2015 4runner, and a couple Scions in between. I am, however...
  3. Berzerker76

    Wanted Southern CA FZJ80 95-97

    Hi all, I'm currently in the market for a 1995-1997 FZJ80 either Land Cruiser or LX450 (no real preference) in clean condition preferably with front/rear diff locks but not an absolute requirement, price should reflect their absence though. Body color is far less important to me than condition...
  4. schradec

    Off Road Trails / Forest Service Road - Orange County

    Hey all thought I would post up here and ask some advice. Newbie around here with a FZJ80 and am looking for some local places to go explore. Any of you guys have some local go-tos you would be willing to share in the OC area here. I know the local mtns here are littered with forest roads...
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