on board air

  1. bryson

    For Sale York 210 for OBA system SLC, UT

    For sale is a York 210 compressor. It spins freely, the clutch engages/disengages properly, and suction and discharge pressure are easily felt at the ports. I do not know it's history, but I was planning to rebuild it as part of my project. It may be usable as-is, but I cannot guarantee...

    Wits' End for the 200 World

    Hey folks! I'm usually in the 60 and 80 Series forums but I've had my eye on a 200 Series for some time. I had a neighbor that was going to be selling me his 2009 but that fell thru last Nov so I'll be on the hunt again soon. In the meantime I was trying to figure out what I was going to build...

    On Board Air Kits ala Wits' End...still working out da bugs

    Lots of stuff getting completed and off my plate finally. But lots of hiccups along the way. The York OBA Kits are in shipping purgatory, the SB50 cables are waiting on sleeving, the D-Pillar is waiting on time from machine shop to bust me out another proto, all lockboxes have left the building...
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