1. kruisinkid

    SOLD  sold FJ40 hood prop

    $25 shipped CONUS. could use a blast and paint. comes with hardware.
  2. kruisinkid

    For Sale  NYC NEPA - 4+ FJ40 non-winch front bumper

    $130 OBO shipped or delivered on my way from NYC to NEPA. some of the PC has flaked off. minimal flash rust. 2 extra holes on top from license plate bracket.
  3. kcobourn

    Rust & city rash question - NYC 06 LC 79K

    Can the community help me decide is this truck a nightmare waiting to happen OR is it a surprising find from the worst place to source cars (Manhattan). A link to 12 total in a Google album -
  4. hamishpotter

    closest wheeling to NYC?

    I did a cursory search and found Rausch Creek and Mettowee, but those are 4+ hours from the City. Does anyone have any closer spots? Thanks in advance and sorry if I've missed any previously posted info. Happy Halloween! James
  5. hamishpotter

    last minute NYC meetup in Brooklyn

    Hey Gothamites, A few of us are planning on meeting in the Northside of Williamsburg, Brooklyn this evening around 7:30pm if any of you are interested and it works. Last minute, I know, but worth a shot. Narrowing down location between cafe or bar, since that neighborhood gets a bit crazy on...
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