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  1. 808Cruising

    Click-Click-No Boom

    Hello everyone! I have an 80 series that's been acting up lately. For a few weeks it has been giving me a hard time in terms of hesitating to start or just clicking. I took the battery to get tested and was told that: 1. The battery is incorrect and not powerful enough (thanks O'Reilly); 2...
  2. Btron

    98 Land Cruiser 100 Doesn't want to start but eventually does, whats wrong?

    Sometimes it's after 3 turns, sometimes it's after 40 and about 10 minutes and eventually, the LC 100 will start. After it's a bit warmed up, while running errands, it will start again no problem. This problem was very sporadic since I bought the truck with about 190,000 miles, and now it...
  3. LCunderhill

    FJ62 electrical issue/ Fusible Link

    Hey Guys, Iv'e done all sorts of researching but just couldn't find a similar situation. although many other threads have gotten mt to this point, so thank you! I have recently had some electrical issues with the truck. Long story Short... It started up perfectly fine from sitting for 2 days...
  4. R

    1991 3FE FJ80 not Cranking

    I have searched this fairly well, but the unique symptoms of this situation mean I can't just go off the situations of others to narrow mine down. Last week I was moving the cruiser from the driveway and it cranked over normally once and then completely died, no key buzzer, no power locks, the...
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