1. T

    Mid west 5gallon Gas can question

    Should I have the gas funnel sticking out in storage or have the back end facing out and the front end in the can
  2. shushu

    Winter Prep -2LTE

    Hello Everyone, I'm from Illinois and fresh to diesel land cruisers and ih8mud. I'm starting to gather information regarding winter prep for my turbo diesel (2LTE) LJ78 and was hoping you could steer me in the right direction. I'd like to know more about fuel additives (if needed) , oil, tires...
  3. Chachi254

    LX450 owner in Lincoln and new to the NE Clubhouse!

    Hello everyone! My name is Chase, I'm a Lincolnite, and I have a Dark Emerald Green 1996 LX450. @corn man was kind enough to message me about some coil springs and invited me to introduce myself to the Nebraska clubhouse. Here are a few shots of my 80. 1996 LX450 by Chachi254 posted Jan...
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