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  2. C

    Help! Recommended mechanic/shop in Maryland?

    Can anyone recommend a good (preferably Toyota-specific) mechanic or auto shop in the Baltimore, MD area to look over my 80 series? It's a 20 year old truck, so I am trying to avoid paying dealership prices, hoping to find someone with reasonable labor rates for good work. My LX450 overheated...
  3. hamishpotter

    Landcruiser Heaven (Maryland shop)

    Hello All, I'd like to tout fellow 'Mud member @FloridaFJ80 's *somewhat* local business to the Gotham group. Landcruiser Heaven (Land Cruiser Heaven) is in Hagerstown, MD, about 45 min north of DC. I've been looking for a close enough resource for Cruiser work, people who know our trucks...
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