lexus lx450

  1. A

    For Sale  Utah, 1996 Lexus 102K miles, extensively restored

    Asking $38K. This is a broadly restored 1996 Lexus LX450 that was fixed to address any potential mechanical issues and to restore it cosmetically. I have always loved the F80 series of Toyota Land Cruiser and Lexus LX450 and decided to restore and build a very robust and reliable over-lander and...
  2. S

    Rear elocker wiring, '96 LC to '97 LX450

    Hi, I might be potentially getting an entire rear locked axle assembly including ECU, harness etc etc from a '96 Land Cruiser to swap into my unlocked '97 LX450. I searched and read a few threads on wiring and learned: Land Cruisers from various years may have different colored wires because...
  3. JacksonOverland

    Wanted  WTT FJ Cruiser for FZJ80 in WA STATE

    Looking for an FZJ80 here in WA state (or PNW in general). Currently have an 07 Fj Cruiser (total chaos long travel w/ icon shocks and coilovers) and I'm interested in doing a trade. For more details on the FJC, please visit the craigslist listing 2007 FJ CRUISER Long Travel (Fat Julie) Hoping...

    Replacing Engine Air Filter - Tips, Videos ?

    Hey everyone, I had Toyota Atlanta order an OEM Engine Air Filter as Lexus of Atlanta said it was extremely dirty. I see that it's the circular kind etc. and note clamps on it etc. Is it hard to replace as a DIY ? Any advice or pictures or previous threads please? Will get the part in on...
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