1. workingdog

    For Sale  Inti Rack

    Great Inti Rack. Jack, shove, and tire not included. Broken back bar. I'm in northern California.
  2. SGT0311

    SOLD  Inti Roof Rack 80 series

    Updated price 7/16/17 I have an Inti rack for sale in Northern Colorado. Included in the price are 4 Hella 4000 lights. It's in perfect condition with all the hardware. This is a great rack and super solid. I would prefer to not ship it. I will be traveling to Flagstaff next month and...
  3. C

    Wanted  INTI roof rack

    Yeah I know, very hard t come by and Ialso know that there are possibly some new ones being brought in through the forum but they won't have the light bar protector or jerry can section, which are deal breakers for me. so if anyone out there has a used one they no longer need or know someone...
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