1. LCReunion

    Best non-winter-only tire for my LC in Utah

    So I bought my LC while living in Arkansas. Had Michelin LTX M/S2's on it. Picked up an extra set of wheels and put some Falken WildPeak MT's on them for the muddy/Rocky terrain in Arkansas. Now I'm in SLC area...have to think of winter tires. I know those Michelins will be ok in the snow, and...
  2. racevws

    Will dry ice ruin a bearing race?

    Totally random question, but if any of you guys are materials/ engineer guys, I would like to know if I cool my wheel bearing races in dry ice prior to dropping them in the hubs (as opposed to pounding them in), will it reduce their hardness after they come up to temperature? Also, will...
  3. J

    100 Series Experience w/ KO2s and Ice/Snow and Tire Chains

    We recently moved to a house in Western NC and now live at somewhere around 2,300ft at the end of a 1/4 mile gravel road. The Cruiser has been having some fun! My concern is for that snow and ice that we get at altitude when things are merely a cold rain down lower. I have 285 BFG KO2's that...
  4. W

    help with enabling 94 fzj80 Abs please

    I have a built fzj with added center diff lock button. I have searched the forums for a easy how to disable ABS, so I can do the reverse. Ideally I'd like to potentially have a switch so I can enable disable ABS while in Awd, but for now I just want to test it out. Why? I have read many...
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