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  1. Polar Bear

    Polar Bear's GX build thread

    As a recovering 80 series addict, I've stepped over to the dark side and picked up an '06 GX 470 for my winter commuting duties. I've got a beastie 190 mile round trip across Snoqualmie Pass five days a week- and during the winter they require chains half the time- so a solid snow rig is a must...
  2. A

    Dobinsons rear coils on GX470

    Just looking for measurements on the following Dobinsons coils for my GX. Dobinsons lift measurements are based on the Prado, which from what I find on the interweb seems to be anywhere from 200-500 pounds lighter than the gx470. C59-505 - 1.5” lift 405mm free height 220lb rate C59-599 - 1”...
  3. Jellwood

    For Sale 2005 Lexus GX470 - Oklahoma City

    FOR SALE: Modified 2005 Lexus GX470 Asking $22,000 150,000 Miles (daily driver so miles will go up) Located in Midtown, Oklahoma City This vehicle has been very well taken care of. I am the second owner, it was originally owned by a suburban soccer mom and serviced at the Lexus dealership...
  4. Stock Lexus GX470

    Stock Lexus GX470

    I want to remember how it looked at the start. Bone stock 2008 Cyprus Perl Lexus GX470.
  5. ceylonfj40nut

    GX 470 AC issues

    i have been chasing down an AC leak on my wife’s gx470. I have done several AC systems before but this one has me stumped. I have repeatedly charged the system and hit gauge pressures of 45/235 there abouts with r134 after an evac. Charge does not hold for more than three weeks. AC works great...
  6. Bluetribal

    For Sale Lexus GX470 Running Board Lights

    i am selling my lights I removed from the running boards. Complete with wiring and plugs. Plug & Go! Asking $20 per side. Would estimate shipping at $8
  7. G

    For Sale GX470 Stock Step Rails Blue (NOVA)

    Pair of Stock step rails in good condition. Lights work and no scratches. From a Dark Blue 2004. Located in Northern Virginia. $50
  8. heynickhere

    Wanted: 07-09 GX470 Less than 130K Preferably White or Silver

    Hey CSC members, I am a long time lurker and a future member. I have been on MUD for a while and am ready to buy a rig. I was watching for a 03+ 100 series for a while but after driving one the wife said it was too big for DD use (boo). We decided we want a GX470 after driving a friend's (and...
  9. D

    SOLD 2004 GX 470 170K miles Atlanta, GA

    For Sale: nicely modified 2004 GX 470 with 170k miles $11,500 non-NAV, non KDSS - Husky floor liners throughout - Radflo coilovers with remote resevoir - Total Chaos UCA - Rear airbag delete with Metal Tech coils - Radflo rear shocks Southern Style rear bumper with integrated receiver...
  10. tampacruiser95

    Selling my 80 and 120 in Harrisburg... posted in the classifieds

    Wanted to post it here to get the word out to more local mudders...
  11. orangeboxxfab

    GX-470 Orange boxx code

    we are running a gx470 code till 2-25-18
  12. Climblife

    Lifting a gx470

    Hi guys, I'm looking to build a lifted gx 470. I'd like to go as big as I can ( obviously ) both on the lift and the tires. Id also like to run at least a 9 inch wide wheel with minor tire poke. However, I will be daily driving this thing so the lift that I get needs to be able to take...
  13. O

    2005 GX 470 OBD II Pinout

    I recently got Air bags removed and OME suspension fitted. VSC TRAC lights are not going off. I removed Both fuses in Engine Bay and also the Air suspension relay. First the lights were off, just air susp light was on. On driving in (D) the lights came on. Then I took out TEMS fuse too, and...
  14. james21

    SOLD TN 2006 lexus gx470, NAV,DVD 135k clean car fax

    2006 lexus gx470 for sale 135k clean car fax no rust . Originally from California other then that 2nd owner had it in TN . No rust, No accident's, passes emissions, New rear brakes, Recently serviced, Never been smoked in. Timing belt and water pump replaced 90k miles Runs and looks great...
  15. SHERMAN FJ62

    Ball Joint Question

    I have to replace the upper ball joints on my 04 GX 470. I found that MOOG sells one that is greasible. My questions is what kit, cup, do I need to press these in. I have access to a press but I am not sure that we have the right cup to press them and I don't want to tear or damage the balls...
  16. R

    FJ Wheels + 285/70/r17's?

    Hi all, Been studying all your posts for the past 10 months and finally am building out my 2007 GX. Last fall I had Cruiser Outfitters in SLC put a 2.5" OME lift on the rig when the airbags busted. At the same time I put on 265/17/r17s on my stock lexus wheels. Now that I'm building out...
  17. Ridley

    For Sale 2006 GX470. Phoenix, AZ/ U.S.

    For Sale: 2006 Lexus GX470. 158k. Clean CarFax. Full length FrontRunner Slimline II roof rack with spare tire carrier. FN Koenig Six Shooter Wheels with matching spare. Nitto Terra Grappler G2's with matching spare installed at 150k. LT285/70R17. New 4.56 gears (Nitro). Icon Suspension, stage...
  18. mossler

    Wanted 2005+ GX 470 with KDSS

    Canadian looking for US vehicle, preferably from outside the "Rust Belt". Obviously rust free, no accidents, normal wear and well maintained service history. Budget of 13-16K USD Thanks in advance for any leads or offers to sell.
  19. txnight

    SOLD GX 470 wheels and tires

    *SOLD* For sale is a set of four from my 2004 gx470. Two of the four rims have paint bubbles near the center. Other two rims are great. Michelin's have 22k miles but are 6 years year old so each tire has dry cracking. Caps, lugs, wheel locks included. Pricing them cheap enough to help...
  20. C

    Best Mods for Prolonged Life?

    Hi all, I just registered recently, this community has an amazing amount of information, I'm seriously jealous of all the knowledge. I have a long way to go, never really modded cars at all, but hoping to get my feet wet soon. I just bought a 2005 GX 470 w/KDSS and 135k miles that I would like...
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