1. XploreOffroad

    Is it okay to use my Super Lube Silicone Grease ( with PTFE) for my driveshaft ?

    So I bought the Super Lube Silicone Lubricating Grease with PTFE to lube up my UCA"s. Here's the Amazon link. Super Lube 92150 I'm wondering if its okay to use this same grease for lubing my drive shaft. I know a lot of people run lithium or moly for their shafts. I don't have a problem...
  2. js47

    Has anyone seen a CV boot leaking like this?

    I went to check out a 1999 LX470 this afternoon and it was looking ok until I got to the front end — the passenger side CV boot had all kinds of grease around it, including slung on the inside of the wheel and tire and the rear of the fender. The owner said he just had this boot replaced. Maybe...
  3. OffRoadScott

    Dielectric grease... yes I searched :)

    Today during the rain I encountered a puddle and slowed down to not swamp my engine with water, the puddle was on the passenger side and didn't want to suck water up in the air filter. But I believe some of the connectors inside the engine bay got wet, as the LC would idle low and I would...
  4. sunrk

    Correct grease type for tailshaft uni-joints and slip-joints ?

    What's the correct type of grease to use for tailshaft uni-joints and slip-joints? Lithium-based bearing grease, or moly-based swivel hub and CV grease? Does it matter? I keep both types because wheel bearings/hubs use lithium based grease and moly grease is for the cv's and swivel hubs. Ta.
  5. DaveJG

    Greasing Your Vehicle

    Anyone have any specific grease they use for greasing they’re drive shafts or any other lubrication points? And how often do you usually re-grease everything, especially doing a service on your hubs?
  6. 808Fafner

    CV Boot leaked Grease?

    Hi Guys today I was flushing my break fluid and when I got to the front drivers side I noticed grease all over the place and it looks like it came from the CV boot.... :( There doesn't seem to be any rips or tears on the boor and the CV does make any noises when I drive. What could be the...
  7. S

    Grease everywhere

    I crawled under my 03 looking for a power steering leak and noticed a ton of grease all over the front passenger side. Can't tell where it's coming from. Any ideas?

    Is this grease ok for our wheel bearings?

    We have truck loads of this stuff at work and use it on MUCH larger bearings, but they're not exactly high speed :hmm: I'll be repacking my rear bearings for the first time next week (keep in mind my rig has over 400k on the odometer) Would this be ok for a repack? Kind confused with the...
  9. Dissent

    Emptying Grease Tubes?

    This is such a ridiculous question but I can't find an easy answer. How do I quickly empty a full grease tube? It's birf overhaul time and instead of 1lb tubs, all I could source was tubes of grease. Short of scooping it out with a 12" spatula, is there a quick way to empty a tube without...
  10. bw86newman

    Grease for Seat Gear Assembly

    Just got a set of Gamiviti's plastic gears for the front seats. What type of grease should I use for the gears when reassembling?? I have gone through the installation procedures and @nakman 's thread on replacing them, but does anyone have any additional tips?? It seems pretty straight...
  11. MDarius

    RTH: What grease for birfs?

    I'm at the parts store and can't remember the best grease for filling the birfs. Search is too swampy right now. Anybody can help me out real quick?
  12. Adams77

    For Sale  Grease Gun

    Toyota Grease gun Handle is frozen $50 plus shipping
  13. Nasr Qaisar

    Grease splatter on rear rim

    Hi guys, I just noticed a few spots of grease splatter on my rear left rim. This wheel also had two hub nuts replaced about 3 months ago. Should I be concerned or is this normal, haven't seen this on any of the other wheels. Check out the attached pictures.
  14. on3i11s

    Trouble greasing u-joint

    Hey guys, I didn't really feel this was post worthy but after searching online and on the forum I wasn't able to find anything relevant to my problem. Problem: Today I greased my u-joints using a grease gun I purchased from NAPA but I was unable to grease the "2nd from the rear" u-joint. My...
  15. Freewheel

    Size of front driveshaft slip yoke grease plug?

    The grease plug that fills the end of the front drive shaft is missing from my truck and I'd like to replace it. This is the plug that protects the driveshaft slip joint from water and dirt and also lets you grease the slip joint using the grease zerk. Without the plug, grease pumped into the...
  16. Dave 2000

    Rusty balls.

    OK, under the LC today to change engine oil and filter and having a general look around, my attention is once again drawn to rust caused pitting on the swivel balls. Not leaking as per oil contaminated, just the fact that as you turn the pitting picks up grease and brings it outside the seal...
  17. 93Chewbacca

    Chewbacca's Birfield Grease Guide

    Chewbacca's Birfield Grease List (UPDATE 2018: Hello All, I have updated the list with current grease brands and links, please let me know if I have left any important choices out). Thanks! Okay... so there are some scattered posts on which greases are appropriate for the Birfield joints on...
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