gas door

  1. Baja73

    Wanted FJ40 Fuel door lock and catch

    I am in search of a lock with a key for my fuel door. Also need the catch that screws on the 40 that the lock catches onto. I have attached a picture. (I have the door.). I am also looking for a gas cap and the filler neck without rust. Thank you.
  2. aljollano

    Wanted Gas door lock

    Hi, I'm looking for the gas door lock in working condition with the key for an 81 fj40. Thanks. A.J
  3. S


    Looking for a fuel door lock for Toyota Landcruiser FJ40. I need the "newer style". Thanks Rich
  4. M

    For Sale 60/62 parts

    2 Front Wheel Caps, gold Toyota lettering, good condition no dents, $30 for Pair 1 Cigarette Lighter dash assembly, does not include the push in/out unit, includes wire harness $10 1 Front Left Bumper Cap, does not fit 62's, fairly sure it is for a 60 $20, good shape, small surface rust on...
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