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    Fuel Gauge/Sender Issue

    I have a 92' 3FE LC. Recently I replaced my fuel sender with another used unit that was known to be in good working order because my gauge needle was jumping/dancing and not marking correctly. The needle shows a fairly accurate depiction when I accelerate and then I let go of gas pedal, the...
  2. Q

    FZJ80 Fuel gauge inaccurate readings

    Hi Fellas, I own a 96' FZJ80 GXL 4.5l and I've been having some trouble with the main fuel gauge giving me inaccurate readings. I live in Australia so it's a right hand drive vehicle if it matters. But when I filled up recently the fuel gauge pegged at above full and hasn't moved until now that...
  3. thex1231

    Parting Out  WANTED FJ80 FJZ80 Fuel Sending Unit

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a fuel sending unit in good condition. If you have it can you please let me know along a quote shipped to 79901. Thank you all. Gio
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