fuel control relay

  1. T

    Funky Chicken back with a vengeance

    So I’ve tried almost everything I’ve read on Mud. Still no luck. 84 3B 60 series. EDIC cycles every 10 seconds with accessories on (heater, lights, etc) doesn’t stall engine, just cuts fuel for a split second Cleaned all grounds throughly Replaced oil sender for gauge / Cleaned wire for oil...
  2. R

    For Sale  1980 HJ45 12v EDIC Fuel Control Relay 28590-56060

    Used 12 volt Fuel Control Relay from my 1980 HJ45. Toyota p/n 28590-56060. Worked fine when I had the H engine in the truck. I switched to a later model 3B and this older style relay is not compatible with the EDIC motor on the newer engine. I'm including the mating connector and some wire...
  3. Murphy

    Need diagnostic help for FJ62

    Problem is going on 6 months now. Runs perfect for a few weeks, then won't start. Then I get it to the shop where it starts and runs perfectly. Done that 5x now! I take it home, drive for a few weeks, then it won't start. I can get it started with carb cleaner in the air intake sometimes...
  4. D

    Wanted  BJ60 Fuel Control Relay

    Looking for a fuel control relay, part #28590-56090. Anyone out there have one? Thanks.
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