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  1. RedComet

    Help Identifying Brake Part

    Hi all, been a while since I've been able to post anything. I'm in the middle of refreshing my rear axle and need help Identifying a part. The part in question is highlighted in the circle, this is a shot of the rear drum mounting plate. I ask this because one of the teeth is sheared from the...
  2. S

    Wiring aux headlights to BOTH hi-beam and manual override?

    I’m ordering a set of new auxiliary headlights to mount to the front of my FJ80. How do I wire them so they turn on both with my hi-beams and also with a manual override switch when I don’t need them? Thanks!
  3. C

    Where to start with an oil leak, dripping from red circle area of picture

    This car drips oil from the red circle spot, it seems to be collecting at that location based on the picture. I don't know what the source would be based on the collection/drip point but my first step is to degrease and clean the engine compartment. Based on some research, it could be from the...
  4. New two this

    Compressor Relocation

    Hello to anyone who might have knowledge on this topic or may have done this before me, I have an idea about, after doing a smog delete on my 4.0L FJ80, that I could use that space for an air compressor (I will be showing the other smog components that I will be deleting), if I have room to...
  5. Pratt1310

    1992 FJ80 Brake Upgrade??

    Hey everyone, Brand new to the Land Cruiser game and to the forum, so apologies if this topic has already seen some conversation, but here goes. Recently bought a 1992 Land Cruiser with the 3FE (profile). After a couple months driving around, I decided to upgrade the brakes since the old ones...
  6. M

    Wanted  Looking for used 2.5 to 3" lift for fj80

    I'm looking for a 2.5 to 3" lift in order to get a 4bd1t diesel inside.
  7. 8

    SOLD  Northern Virginia: 555 Tie Rod End Kit for 80 Series - New in Box

    555 Tie Rod End Kit for 80 Series - New in Box. This will help cure your Death Wabble. I ordered the wrong size as my front end is no longer OME! So, my mistake is your Opportunity! This 555 Tie Rod End Kit will fit OME 80 series front end. It is yours for $90 and includes shipping in the...
  8. Getshacked808

    Wanted  '92 FJ80 Head (JDM Model) Gas version

    Looking for a '92 FJ80 Head. Japan model gas engine. This is to help out a friend in need. Thank you for any leads or assistance.
  9. New two this

    Rear bumper and sliding glass

    I just bought a 92 land cruiser! It came with some defects like the sun roof is completely cracked and I am wondering where I could possibly get a factory new one it does slide and work which is nice. The second part is I found a rear 5th wheel bumper kit for a GX470 would that fit for my land...
  10. CD86F0AA-E08E-4619-9878-FE1CCDF22CFA.jpeg


  11. DesertCruiser80

    Hard Start: Fuel Pressure Loss at Engine Shutdown

    Hey all, I've been wrenching on the FJ80 a bit doing some PM/chasing a hard start problem. The problem I have is when I crank the engine, it will turn for what seems like a long time(~5 seconds), and then when it turns over, it will sometimes act as if choked. Like you put carb cleaner in the...
  12. Spencer Lerman

    For Sale  Landcruiser FJ62 & FJ80 Engine and Transmission. 3FE and A440F Laughlin Nevada

    Toyota Landcruiser 3FE engine block and A440F transmission pulled from a 1991 FJ80. The head gasket failed at 220k. I was told the transmission had no issues and it appears good but is untested. Located in Laughlin Nevada. $300 each or $500 for both. Open to offers and Trades Text preferred...
  13. I

    For Sale  Northern Co. 92 fj80.

    Bought it as a family do everything but it is just too nice to have my kids trash it. I feel like it deserves to stay in a more preserved status. - 11k on full engine rebuild - updated ac to 134a - 15k ish on full front diff/axle rebuild - services are up to date. Needs nothing other then a...
  14. LoneStarCruiser

    For Sale  TX: OEM 91-92 Alloy 15x7 6-bolt wheels

    I got a set of FJ cruiser steelies for my axle upgrade and don't need the smaller 15s since they don't fit over the big brakes. I'm hoping to part with the whole set, 5 total. Just started cleaning them up today, will post pictures of all 5 if desired...
  15. RollOn

    3fe EFI headache. Need help.

    Hey guys, so I have read through Jon's EFI diagnostic and am currently stumped as to where I should go next with my current issue. After wheeling for about 2 hours while going up an incline my engine began to sputter and then began acting normally and let me continue moving forward. Shortly...

    Hi guys! I'm new here. Quick Q about new springs!

    Hey everyone! Super excited to join the forum! A few months back, I purchased a '92 FJ80 Landcruiser. Very nostalgic! I've loved these things since I was a kid! It currently has an 2.5" OME lift w/ med springs. I just ordered a front winch bumper + rear tire carrier bumper (NW Trail...
  17. DesertCruiser80

    Bad Fuel Pump or Something Else?

    Hey all, My 1992 FJ80 has been having some trouble starting. It takes a bit of time and when it does turn over, the rpm's are low (200's) until I give it some throttle. I've done the easy stuff (new battery, new plugs, cap and rotor, new fuel filter, new EGR modulator, and new air filter). I...
  18. DesertCruiser80

    Trouble Installing Power Steering Bolt

    Hey guys, I am trying to install a P/S pump bolt, the one that runs along the channel and locks the pump in place. It seems the hole on the pump does not align with the channel slot. Either the slot bracket is too long or the pump is too short. I have tried to push the towards the bolt to try...
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