fj40 soft top

  1. Seamus

    Question before cutting metal...

    I need to trim the front height of my new bow kit, correct? It is sitting down as far as it can go in the door opening. It is supposed to be even front to back from the top of the tub to the crossbar, right? Also i reused two of what looks like the factory mounting points for the rearmost...
  2. C

    Can i use hard amby doors for my soft top fj40

    Dear friends i am thiniking about using my hard rear doors for the soft top.(with modification) I havent seen any example befoure=) is it possible? What do u think?🤔 Thank you Caglar
  3. stock

    Factory soft top bows need to measure, look at

    Does anyone here have a factory soft top? I'm looking at buying one, but I want to make a roll cage that is my frame. I'll then have a support for my top an protection in one. I want to see someones, take pictures and make some measurements.
  4. stock

    OME Soft top maker. Anyone know him?

    This is a good price. Look at this on eBay FJ40 Soft Top | eBay Anyone familiar with him? How are the tops?
  5. lukefj80

    For Sale  Fj40 soft top ky

    this top resembles the canvas factory top. It will require bows to install. This is vinyl. Brand new condition. $750 will ship on your dime.
  6. AU FJ40

    Wanted  FJ40 Soft Top for '74

    I'm looking for a soft top with rail and hardware included that will fit my '74. Prefer the bestop or another brand thats able to roll up or remove all the windows. Located in Alabama.


    Soft tops are made using correct Toyota patronage. Our vinyl fabric has an outer layer of PVC making it 100% water proof. It is treated with: Permablok3®: which creates a resistant and effective barrier against germs, abrasion and stains; Permaguard®: offering great protection from stains...
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