1. marcuslamont

    1969 FJ40 - Felt Spindle Dust Seal Installation

    I have a 1969 FJ40 with drum brake spindles that I am attempting to rebuild. I have been trying to search to find an answer but because the key words seem to be "dust seal" and "felt", all I can find are posts relating to the seals on the inner side of the knuckles. When I disassembled my...
  2. NovemberNoLast

    '76 FJ40 window channel/felt replacement

    in the very near future, i am going to replace all the channels/felts of both doors in my '76, I cannot take the rattling anymore (the temporary fix of inserting odor eaters between the doors and glass has worked but it's time to move on up). I've been reading thread after thread on this topic...
  3. W

    Replacing Window Felt

    So I recently bought new inner and outer replacement felt for all my windows on my FJ62 and ran into some issues on the outers. I have seen a thread about being able to pop the new ones in by taking out the chrome piece under the seal. I was wondering if there was a way to keep the original...
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