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  1. akarilo

    1999 Nakamichi Stereo Upgrade, With Factory Amp (simplified)

    OK, so I know this has been documented several times as you can see from some of the photos I lifted from other threads. Everybody seems to think it's difficult to upgrade with this "22pin" molex plug, etc. It's just like any other stereo install. For starters, don't be freaked about cutting...
  2. Source Hydrographics

    Wanted  100 series factory amp

    Looking for a good working factory stereo amp. The one under the passenger seat. I have a 2000 LC . Please let me know if you're selling and how much shipped to 23464. Thanks
  3. Mike6158

    2000 LC factory amp wiring

    I'm looking for factory amp plugs with a little wiring on them. I want to build a test jig and see if I can fix my factory amp (if I can find it, I seem to have misplaced it. It's tough trying to figure what goes where when all I can see are the pins on the amp plug. If anyone has a set they...
  4. srfdntchk

    Help! Just installed new head unit, bypassed amp, and now only 4 speakers work...

    Hi All, I just installed a new head unit in my 1995 LC and bypassed the factory amp, but now only 4 speakers are putting out sound, which sucks. Currently only the two front dash speakers and two rear passenger door speakers are working. The front door speakers, rear cargo speakers and sub are...
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