engine trouble

  1. D

    Start up idle issue, troubleshooting

    Hi guys. I’ve continued to have trouble with my idle on start up from cold. It’s a 94 1fz fe. I’ll give a little background which may help a bit. It was running fine until one day my vaf meter door blew open and jammed, ever since then I’ve had idle issues. on first start up the idle the engine...
  2. godoloju

    Broken Down 1992 FJ80 3FE, HELP!

    I've spent some days searching and troubleshooting and need some help with ideas for what could be wrong and how to check. I'm getting a bit desperate for something else to even check. Rig Details Owned for 3 years 1992 FJ80 3fe Engine swap 30K miles ago (previous owner ran w/ out oil) ~150K...
  3. Judh8smud

    '65 FJ40 Electrical Issues/Wiring Harness Advice Needed.

    Hey y'all, it's Jud! I've been working on my '65 FJ40 and we're slowly making progress. We're experiencing engine trouble (as in, it won't start :cool:), thus, we've been ruling out a few things each week and so far we have replaced the following; 1. Ignition Coil 2. Starter/starter motor 3...
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