engine trouble

  1. G

    Broken Down 1992 FJ80 3FE, HELP!

    I've spent some days searching and troubleshooting and need some help with ideas for what could be wrong and how to check. I'm getting a bit desperate for something else to even check. Rig Details Owned for 3 years 1992 FJ80 3fe Engine swap 30K miles ago (previous owner ran w/ out oil) ~150K...
  2. Judh8smud

    '65 FJ40 Electrical Issues/Wiring Harness Advice Needed.

    Hey y'all, it's Jud! I've been working on my '65 FJ40 and we're slowly making progress. We're experiencing engine trouble (as in, it won't start :cool:), thus, we've been ruling out a few things each week and so far we have replaced the following; 1. Ignition Coil 2. Starter/starter motor 3...
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