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  1. Paul G

    For Sale  SF Bay Area: Front Range T-CASE CROSSMEMBER kit

    $150 takes it, new unused. Please PM me if your interested.
  2. bertnd

    Wanted  Engine and Fuel tank skid plates and cross member sub-assembly for 04 100 series (Denver)

    looking for some rust free parts in good shape, I can pick up in Denver/Boulder if you're local to save shipping. Factory take-offs or aftermarket are ok. cross member part- Toyota (51204-60150) fuel tank skid plate part- Toyota (77606-60120) front splash shield- Toyota (51410-60020)
  3. R

    Transmission crossmember for fj100

    Hi, is the transmission crossmember the same between 100 and 80 series of Land Cruisers? Does the LX470 has the same crossmember? I just bought a new-to-me 1999 Land cruiser that has pretty rusty transmission crossmember. So, I am looking to expand my used part search. I am new to this forum...
  4. D

    SOLD  80-series rear cross-member bumper in SoCal

    $100, no shipping. Pick up or possible delivery around San Diego / LA. Fj80, fjz80 rear stock OEM bumper (frame crossmember.) Some surface rust. Complete, welds were ground off.
  5. M

    Rear cross member needed

    i failed my yearly inspection in pa because my rear cross member is rusted to orange dust. Any chance someone that cut it out for a rear bumber install still has it laying around? I'll gladly pay for it and the ride to Pittsburgh pa. I have about a week to figure out how to fix it to keep the...
  6. In2cruisers

    Wanted  70 / 75 transmission cross member

    Looking for a good transmission crossmember for my 1985 BJ75 w/H55 trans
  7. TractorDoc

    Cross Member Conundrum -- Late Model 2F/4spd in an Early Frame

    I have read thru the archives about cutting/rotating the cross members in an early frame; even found a couple with removable cross members. I have installed a 1978 2F Engine, Four Speed Transmission, and Transfer Case in a 1972 Frame. I knew going in the fit between the parking brake drum and...
  8. Fantom

    40 series rear bumper mounting, Kaymar bumper and others?

    The search hasn't come up with anything useful. Does anyone have pictures of how the Kaymar rear bumper attaches to the back of a 40? Do they remove the rear cross member or just bolt to it? Are there any rear bumpers for the 40 that remove the rear cross member or are all of them bolted to the...
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