1. L

    Diesel Crate Engine

    13110 Engine - Gale Banks 630T, V6 3.0L Diesel Looks like the 3.0 VM Motori (ecodiesel) engine. For 29k I hope they fixed the bottom end issues the ecodiesels are known for...
  2. Splash

    Input requested on best 302 EFI crate engine

    I have an old 302 connected to a C4 and Orion that needs replaced. I have a Turbo City EFI so plumbed to and from both tanks. I would like to replace this engine with a new crate engine with current EFI technology. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
  3. Arabian Cruiser

    The Holy Grail - 2F crate engine - un boxing

    Hi guys. Believe it or not. A new 2F engine that has never been used and still in its crate. So stay tuned for the un boxing.
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