code 26

  1. ARFCOM15

    Spark plug reading

    Hi all, hope your Friday is good! Anyone want to try and interpret the spark plugs below? Been chasing a code 26 "lean" condition on my '94 for months. Erratic idle and poor, sluggish acceleration. Hopefully someone is bored enough to indulge me 😬 I'll post up the other two next.
  2. rainbow94

    Help Diagnosing-Rough Idle, less reponsive, CEL codes 25 and 26

    Evening, Over the past few weeks I have been trying to fix my 1994 FZJ80. It first started with a CEL. I took it in to have codes read and pulled codes 25 and 26 (air-fuel ratio lean and air-fuel ratio rich). I replaced the O2 sensor and it drove fine for about 500 miles then the CEL came back...
  3. rainbow94

    Check engine light...what 'manifold' parts do i need?

    I just finished a big driving trip up to Newfoundland and Labrador Canada a few weeks ago. The 80 performed almost flawlessly (only problem i had was the sunroof now refuses to close). After living in the truck and pushing it pretty hard for those few weeks, the check engine light came on as...
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