code 25

  1. V

    80 Series Stalling issues

    1994 FZJ80R - 1 FZFE Hey All, Recently replaced the head and since then things have gone a bit pear-shaped. She runs beautifully with a very consistent idle, however, since changing the head over I am getting a Code 25. At the same time, while driving the engine will simply cut out. At high...
  2. pjt087

    Low speed knocking, worse with a full tank of gas

    I just bought a '95 4x4 pickup V6 edition, drove it down from Riverside, CA to San Diego no problem. The following days I experienced some pretty serious "chug" or knocking- especially in low gear. Have not been able to pass CA Smog- labelled as a "Gross Polluter". Replaced an after market cool...
  3. rainbow94

    Check engine light...what 'manifold' parts do i need?

    I just finished a big driving trip up to Newfoundland and Labrador Canada a few weeks ago. The 80 performed almost flawlessly (only problem i had was the sunroof now refuses to close). After living in the truck and pushing it pretty hard for those few weeks, the check engine light came on as...
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