1. Hornd

    PHH Forensics

    Did the PHH bypass this week. Truck is 1996 with 200K. Did not look to be bad, but unless hose is bulging I'm unsure what a failing rubber hose looks like? Did the full Bypass with Gates (white stripe) and Breeze Constant torque eliminating the Metal Tube and both long and short pieces of...
  2. janz3n

    mark levinson amp wiring diagram for bypass

    The TLC FAQ has been great until now. The S6 & S7 connectors they show are different than what I have in my Mark Levinson amp. (2001 LX470) Poured through threads on here and Lexus forums but nothing is working (e.g. I have three blue/yellow wires under there.) Can anyone point out what's...
  3. R

    Quick and Dirty Amp Bypass?

    I got tired of the CD changer not working in my 2000 Land Cruiser and replaced it. I tried keeping the factory amp but the signal output on the new head unit is 4V and the amp is expecting 2V, which makes the new HU really loud. The new head unit has speaker outputs, so the obvious solution...
  4. JimmyMc

    FZJ80 PHH Bypass Pesky Heater Hose w/ Pics

    I initially just replaced the small (pesky) piece of hose on the block, but it leaked. It is a real pain trying to get the new little hose on the block and pipe, and secure the hose clamps, in such a tight space. The second time around, I decided to go with the bypass, and it was way easier...
  5. mtnbike28

    PHH - Bypass or not?

    The 80 tech forum seems split of the long bypass with Gates Green Stripe or keep the stock metal tube - what have clubs members done? Any regrets?
  6. rc51kid

    How do i bypass solenoids?

    Simple question. I have a older M12000 that has 3 or more if i remember right large cables on the motor I think it was one black and two red. I know in a pinch you can bypass the controller and solenoids and hook jumper cables to the winch motor. Does anyone know exactly how i would hook it up...
  7. A

    Bypassed and Removed Rear Heater, Here's a Video

    After reading through various threads I finally bypassed and removed the rear heater using the simplest procedure I could think of. Hopefully this thread can help someone else out that has been reading multiple threads on the topic. Please note that I did not drain or flush my system at this...
  8. Irish Reiver

    Heater Bypass Hose Gasket

    Hi mudders This morning I removed my PAIR system. I purchased the 1995 heater bypass hose but I forgot to get the gasket (see attached photo). Can the existing gasket be reused? If not does anyone have a P/N for a new gasket? Many thanks
  9. ChewBaca

    06 LC Amp Bypass Instructions

    Hello, I have been digging through numerous threads on how to bypass the amp on an LC and I can't seem to find any instructions. There is a lot of info but nothing that is solid on how to perform this task. Has anyone done this before and if so could you please provide the steps needed to make...
  10. W

    2 80's in Frankfort on 127 bypass

    If you're on here, where'd you go? Turned around but lost you guys.
  11. 9

    Anyone bypass the radiator tyranny cooler?

    My lx470 has a sizable tyranny cooler in front of the condenser as I'm sure they all do. Anyone ever bypass the radiator cooler and Only run the tyranny line to this standalone cooler?
  12. dan1554

    Operating blower motors without keys/ignition on

    I'm planning on automating the operation of the cabin blowers. I installed a coolant heater that should trigger the blowers once coolant reaches a certain temperature. The heater is remotely operated, so the fans need to run without keys in the ignition. My best bet right now is that I can...
  13. DeckerT4R

    Prestigious Society the only bypass option?

    Thats all, I was about to order the prestigious society bypass kit so i can use maps while moving. Is that still the only option for this?
  14. Stepmurr

    Carpet Hill Bypass Route

    As we were pre-running the Rug Road to Klondyke a few weeks ago we thought the trailers & stockers might bypass the worst part of Rug Road (Carpet Hill) and meet the rest of the group. This was before we found out how bad the last few miles into Turkey Creek had gotten and that no trailers...
  15. 1

    1997 Bypass rear heater core - HELP !!

    !!PLEASE HELP!! Hello everyone - I'm a new active participant of this forum however had used it many times to help learn how to accomplish some of the minor fixes I've needed to perform on my 1997 Limited Edition LC. I've owned this vehicle for 16 years and love it and look forward to another...
  16. SmokingRocks

    Transmission Cooler Bypass / Auto Mixing Valve

    I have my transmission preheater bypassed since I'm usually offroading in the summer. But recently I finished my gauge cluster and now I can see my transmission temps (sensor is in the trans cooler line before the cooler). I see temps from 80-140, 140 is only when really getting after it or...
  17. CLHickman

    LX Prestigious Society Install

    This afternoon I installed the Prestigious Society navigation bypass... I initially unhooked the negative lead to the battery: I noticed that the connectors were corroded so I just unhooked them both and sprayed them down with RODI water. I then used a wire brush and rinsed. Next up I started...
  18. D

    How to bypass heater core?

    Hello All - I have a fully stock '84 FJ60 and I'm pretty sure my heater core is leaking badly as I have a pool of coolant on the passenger side floor. I've ordered a replacement core from rockauto (we shall see if it's the correct one or not...), but this is my daily driver and I'd like to...
  19. drjman

    98 LX Radio and Speaker Install

    On almost every vehicle I have owned I have replaced the radio head unit and all the speakers. Its an easy and inexpensive way to get a lot better sound than stock, especially on an 18 year old truck. I'm not an audiophile and if you are one, you might want to look away! I set out to first...
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