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  1. jdcascio1

    For Sale LX470 front/rear bumper covers/running boards (NC)

    Both covers (skins only) pulled off a 1998 LX470 at about 150k miles. Fair condition. No cracks in plastic, paint is decent. Drivers side mud flap on the rear bumper has missing mounting bolts, but otherwise good shape. Runnings boards off same vehicle. Front bumper: $75 + shipping if...
  2. T

    SOLD 100 Series Front bumper cover. found.

    looking for a bumper cover for a 2001. Located in Maryland, will travel an hour or so radius to pick up. If you have one, or know someone who does, please let me know. Thanks
  3. JeffH

    Wanted 2002 Front bumper cover Riverock Green Mica (1C3)

    Probably a stretch but looking for a front bumper cover as above with good paint. Mine is faded bad on the top side. It would need to be in Colorado and reasonably priced to make it worthwhile - otherwise I can get mine repainted - just don't want to mess with the hassle of a body shop if I can...
  4. Del Solid

    FZJ80 Front Bumper Parts (SoCal)

    I have some front bumper parts for sale from a 96 FZJ80. End Cap, Drivers Left, $20 + shipping SOLD SOLD SOLD End Cap, Drivers Right, $20 + shipping SOLD SOLD SOLD Grill Vents Left & Right (including screws & inserts), $15 + shipping Front Bumper Bracket Stays, Left & Right, $15 + shipping SOLD...
  5. D

    For Sale FZJ 80 series rear mud flaps & bumper caps, plate

    Replaced rear bumper with Slee after fender bender bent the driver's side rear - side plastic end cap molding and mud flap. All that is remaining is for sale. Send me a PM or post general questions here. Cross listed You pay shipping or pick up here in Texas near Fort Worth - 76028. Left rear...
  6. varythings

    For Sale UZJ100 LX470 Parts - free to mud member - local pickup SLC

    Hello Mudders, I have take-offs from recent build of my 2006 LX470. If you need any of these parts please PM me, I'll offer them free to mud members. I don't want to ship, so local pickup only (located in zip 84112). Front bumper cover (white), includes fog lights. Skid plates, bumper, and...
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