1. brighamj

    Rear Spring Question - OME BP-51 2721 v 2722 w/ 12.5 LRA Tank, Sliders & RTT?

    I have a new Heritage that I am looking forward to building out. At this point, I hope someone with a better real world understanding of these two OME springs can weigh in. Thanks very much in advance. I am unsure of the best recipe for an OME BP-51 lift. I don't plan to add front or rear...
  2. ProBoy

    LC200ER(extended range) Build

    After long but thrilling incremental upgrades, my rig has finally got the cloth and shoes and is ready to tackle the Yukon Highway. What do you think? Pictures Instagram Account Big appreciation to Ward from LongRangeAmerica; Georg from Cruiser Brothers, Stockton, CA; David from Trekboxx...
  3. A

    LC200 BP-51 / King 2.5 Suspension upgrade

    How would you describe the on-road and off-road improvements that come from a BP-51 or King 2.5 suspension upgrade on an all-stock 2014 LC200? Also, are there any negatives you have noticed after upgrading the LC200 OEM suspension? My use is 85% in town with the remainder being a mix of windy...
  4. O

    New 2019 LC pulls to the right pre and post alignment

    I recently purchased a new 2019 LC. On the drive home from the dealer, I noticed a moderate pull to the right even though the vehicle only had 10 miles on the odometer (didn't catch on the test drive). I wasn't too worried since I was planning to add a BP-51 lift and would need an alignment...
  5. C

    BP51 Leveling

    Hello all. I am currently running the BP51s with 2722 rear springs. Front end was first installed with preload set at the recommended height of a petrol engine and no bull bar or winch. It had such an awful rake I decided to take it off and adjust the preload to about 8mm. I still have a bit of...
  6. A10Driver

    Builds  Frog's "Wife's" 200 Build

    My wife is awesome and therefore needs an awesome ride. I grew up in South Africa and the only vehicle that was tough enough to be called "Africa Proof" was the land cruiser. I have always been a fan and even better my wife is a huge fan as well. We were finally financially able to purchase a...
  7. JohnJ7

    Thoughts on BP-51

    Hello All, (Excuse my in-experience) I live in Houston and recently bought a 2017 Land Cruiser. I am about getting ready for some upgrades. I want to prep the car for off-roading mostly overland trips. I have a list of things I want to do, but I thought I'd start with suspension and tires. I...
  8. DPA200

    Ready to pull the trigger on 200 suspension upgrade

    I know this has been covered many times but I just wanted to get current opinions on where I ended up with my suspension decision. I'm currently at just under 100k on my 08 200 and am finally ready to upgrade from the stock suspension. I have young kids so most almost all of my offroad...
  9. Taco2Cruiser

    SOLD  200 Series BP-51 rear shocks

    Two used BP-51 rear shocks. $200 One brand new BP-51 rear shock (old style rock guard). $300
  10. Ali M

    Polar Bear Build: ARB BP-51, SPC UCAs and Budbuilt Sliders and Armor

    Just got my “PolarBear” back from TorFab after hibernation with roughly 3” lift with the upper control arms and BP-51 and Budbuilt beefy .120 DOM and 3/8” thick steel rock sliders that is powder coated and aluminum armor plating stage 4 (front, engine, and transfer case). Next, rock warriors...
  11. Reckless

    Wanted  OME BP-51 KIT for LC200

    Looking for an OME BP-51 KIT for 2009 Land Cruiser 200. I am in Chicago
  12. Ali M

    Toyos 285/17/75 or KO2 285/17/70 on RWs?

    Just got my hands on RW set that came with 37s that I couldn't pass it on but I am not that crazy yet to install them without a lift. In the next few months I plan to switch to BP-51 with KDSS relo from Slee but until then I am thinking of putting Toyo's 285/17/75 on stock height on these...
  13. Recon Aircrew

    Builds  Recon Build '13 LC

    First, I really appreciate all of the information, insight, and guidance that I’ve received from this forum. The group is comprised of an outstanding bunch of folks, which makes it a pleasure to read. A Deschutes IPA and the “200-Series Cruisers” forum is a great prescription for relaxation...
  14. E

    Wheel Offset

    Hi All, I am new to this forum and have a few questions relating to wheel offset. I have the 5.7l VXR 2013 model and I am reasonably confident that the stock wheels are at +60mm offset. (If anyone knows for sure and could confirm, that would be great). I want to change the wheels to Braid...

    New member and owner of a 2016 lc 200

    Hello to all and starting on my mods. Ordered digi fits two days ago and reserved 5 275/70/r18 BFG KO2s. Dropping off for window tint and vinyl wrap work next Thursday. Also having stock wheels powdercoated satin black because I really like them (stock wheels). Not sure if I want to lift it yet...
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