1. C

    BP51 Leveling

    Hello all. I am currently running the BP51s with 2722 rear springs. Front end was first installed with preload set at the recommended height of a petrol engine and no bull bar or winch. It had such an awful rake I decided to take it off and adjust the preload to about 8mm. I still have a bit of...
  2. A10Driver

    Builds Frog's "Wife's" 200 Build

    My wife is awesome and therefore needs an awesome ride. I grew up in South Africa and the only vehicle that was tough enough to be called "Africa Proof" was the land cruiser. I have always been a fan and even better my wife is a huge fan as well. We were finally financially able to purchase a...
  3. JohnJ7

    Thoughts on BP-51

    Hello All, (Excuse my in-experience) I live in Houston and recently bought a 2017 Land Cruiser. I am about getting ready for some upgrades. I want to prep the car for off-roading mostly overland trips. I have a list of things I want to do, but I thought I'd start with suspension and tires. I...
  4. DPA200

    Ready to pull the trigger on 200 suspension upgrade

    I know this has been covered many times but I just wanted to get current opinions on where I ended up with my suspension decision. I'm currently at just under 100k on my 08 200 and am finally ready to upgrade from the stock suspension. I have young kids so most almost all of my offroad...
  5. Taco2Cruiser

    SOLD 200 Series BP-51 rear shocks

    Two used BP-51 rear shocks. $200 One brand new BP-51 rear shock (old style rock guard). $300
  6. Ali M

    Polar Bear Build: ARB BP-51, SPC UCAs and Budbuilt Sliders and Armor

    Just got my “PolarBear” back from TorFab after hibernation with roughly 3” lift with the upper control arms and BP-51 and Budbuilt beefy .120 DOM and 3/8” thick steel rock sliders that is powder coated and aluminum armor plating stage 4 (front, engine, and transfer case). Next, rock warriors...
  7. Reckless

    Wanted OME BP-51 KIT for LC200

    Looking for an OME BP-51 KIT for 2009 Land Cruiser 200. I am in Chicago
  8. Ali M

    Toyos 285/17/75 or KO2 285/17/70 on RWs?

    Just got my hands on RW set that came with 37s that I couldn't pass it on but I am not that crazy yet to install them without a lift. In the next few months I plan to switch to BP-51 with KDSS relo from Slee but until then I am thinking of putting Toyo's 285/17/75 on stock height on these...
  9. Recon Aircrew

    Builds Recon Build '13 LC

    First, I really appreciate all of the information, insight, and guidance that I’ve received from this forum. The group is comprised of an outstanding bunch of folks, which makes it a pleasure to read. A Deschutes IPA and the “200-Series Cruisers” forum is a great prescription for relaxation...
  10. E

    Wheel Offset

    Hi All, I am new to this forum and have a few questions relating to wheel offset. I have the 5.7l VXR 2013 model and I am reasonably confident that the stock wheels are at +60mm offset. (If anyone knows for sure and could confirm, that would be great). I want to change the wheels to Braid...

    New member and owner of a 2016 lc 200

    Hello to all and starting on my mods. Ordered digi fits two days ago and reserved 5 275/70/r18 BFG KO2s. Dropping off for window tint and vinyl wrap work next Thursday. Also having stock wheels powdercoated satin black because I really like them (stock wheels). Not sure if I want to lift it yet...
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