1. Whiphub

    Bosch 4 Hole Fuel Injectors?

    Anyone here running these Bosch or any other “4 hole” injector? I’ve only found a couple posts, the main one mainly about troubleshooting wiring of the injectors. Links to the injectors and post below.
  2. CruiserDog

    Bosch Pads and Rotors Review- 100 series/LX470

    * THE DECISION PROCESS AND INSTALL REVIEW -I bought my 2006 Lx470 with 140,000 miles and the brakes felt like they have been on there for as long as it has been driving. The brake pads where almost down to the metal and the rotors were as wavy as the mint 400 race course. -I was faced with...
  3. A

    small Parts Help

    I purchased a 93 FZJ80 with 210,000 miles on it. It is in great shape. I've been running it for a few months and the plastic top of the radiator exploded. I am collecting parts to fix it now. I figure since I don't know what has been changed or fixed on it I might as well do some extras while...
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