1. Otter

    Interesting study results from Blackstone Labs

    Link to Jalopnik article - Why Expensive Oil is a Waste of Money Link to Blackstone Labs' newsletter - Which Oil is Better?
  2. stlbill

    High level of lead in Blackstone test

    So I've had the LC for 3 months and put 3k miles on it. The PO didn't do much pm and the truck sat for years. I baselines it when I got it and since have always been worried about a blown head gasket so I sent off an oil sample last week. I got a call today from BSL saying they did not find any...

    Blackstone oil report after 50k put on rebuilt motor w/SC

    Nearly 50k miles ago I completely rebuilt and modified my motor and then added the supercharger. This was no small feat: Engine Rebuilding options for S/C It was suggested by them to let it go to 10k with the next oil change so I went ahead and did it even though I fought with myself to change...
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