1. mcguirejohnson

    HJ-141 Build-Up

    For some reason I've always created a new "build thread" everytime that I do a significant change to my rig, and now I've decided that it's time to make it into one so that I can stay organized and also to keep tabs on new mods, trips, pictures, etc. I reckon while I'm at it i'll give a little...
  2. mcguirejohnson

    FZJ80 + HJ61= ??

    Well I have exactly a week until finals are done and I can escape back home to spend my break in the shop building what I think is going to be the ultimate 60 series. And I need a break from studying so I decided its time to start a thread to document the madness. I had been pondering finding a...
  3. mr jits

    Builds  Dirty Bastard

    So, for new folks, this went from being intended as a tube frame buggy to a 1971 FJ40 on tons and an LS. All the real good build stuff starts on page 3 and 4.
  4. L

    Builds  bj 6.0l build

    I was going to wait till I had more to post before starting a build thread on here. But I've run into a couple issues so I'm hoping you guys can help me out. I wheeled zuks for years but wheelin is a family hobby and things were getting cramped. so I sold the sami and bought this
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