black bear pass

  1. Axe Chucker

    New From NC

    Jeeper here found interesting on this form so joined looking to get into Overlanding not just the rock crawling. So here to learn,. Thanks in advance.
  2. indycole

    Ouray Photos (Imogene and Black Bear)

    We're still enjoying our road trip to Colorado and Wyoming but I saw folks posting Ouray photos and didn't want to be late to the party. I may add some landscape and candid shots later but wanted to go ahead and share some trail photos while it's still fresh. Also, a special thanks to...
  3. codyaustin5

    Events/Trails  "Official 200's in Ouray Event: Labor Day Weekend 2015"

    6/10/15 UPDATED: Official 200's in Ouray Event: Sept 4-7. Friday Sept 4, 6 PM @ Beaumont Hotel Courtyard / 505 Main St. (Food/drinks/review trails) - Sponsored by @sleeoffroad Saturday Sept 5 - Hit the trails (Specifics to come) Sunday Sept 6 - More Trails (Specifics to come) Monday Sept 7 -...
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