bj 73

  1. B

    bj73 3B gauge cluster electical diagram

    if someone has pictures or a file of the electrical diagram for the gauge cluster for an bj73 from 86 with an 3B need all the numbers and colors of the cables
  2. Bleizbreizh

    Spring time, BJ73 leaf wear

    Spring bushes were noted on the annual inspection but while underneath a good look at the springs revealed some issues. The ride is good and the height OK with nothing sagging but should I be concerned with the amount of wear on these leaves?
  3. Bleizbreizh

    BJ73 side flasher lamp -are they handed?

    Hi does anyone know if the side repeater flasher lamp on the 73 is handed? I have a little damage to the righthand side of the truck but have only been able to find a left hand side lamp for sale. Unfortunately I dont have access to my LandCruiser for another week to compare. Thanks
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