1. jmstu76

    FJ62 Fan Clutch (Fluid Coupler) availability

    Hey guys n gals, I am updating my cooling system. My '89 62 heats up when idling with the AC blasting and also heats up when flogging it on the hwy. NO redline overheating but it would most likely go there if I wasn't paying attention and just walked away. The cooling system has always...
  2. jurassic cruiser

    does Onur Beno still sell parts

    after searching far and wide I was finally so relieved to find Onur and get his help. Recently I have not been able to get in touch with him. Has anyone else had this experience. I have about 2-3k in parts I need to order. I really like the guy I hope he is doing ok. Part of me is hoping he...
  3. marcfj60

    Some recognition for Beno

    I found this while browsing the TLCA page on FB. Even the OLD sage Cruiserdan was mentioned. The Man Who Talks to Land Cruisers
  4. OGBeno

    What's a Parts Guy to Do??

    Well, I'm at a crossroads. Here is my situation and I would like to get some other voices to join the ones in my head (as well as ones named Robbie, Cruiserdrew, Steve, etc.). Head is off, block is what it is (in very good shape for a 260k bottom end), head going to machine shop Monday for a...
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