1. B

    35s, no flares, and within the guards... Help!

    Hi all, I know that the flareless look is really popular here, so I am hoping someone can help me out. I am looking for pictures and wheel information (width and offset/backspace) for anyone is running 35" tyres, no flares, and the tyres are still under the guards or in line with the guards...
  2. mulchiro

    -12 offset and 4" BS wheels on 91

    I know I am going to get yelled to search this, but I am a wheel newb and I am having a hard time understanding offset and backspace. I have a 91 on stock 15x7 rims and I want to upgrade to 16x8 so I can handle some wider tires. (yes I know it's possible to go wider on 15x7, i just don't like...
  3. bryanb

    Correct Backspacing for 345/75/16???

    What would be ideal backspacing for a 16x9" wheel to minimize rubbing? Or, if you know in terms of 16x8 wheels, still please share your input. It'll be easy for me to figure out how to adapt that to a 16x9. I currently have 315/75/16s mounted to 16x9 wheels with 3.5" backspacing (they stick...
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