1. ryanaltom96

    Axel Swap Fj40 1975

    Hi all, New to all of this so hopefully someone can help me out. I have an fj40 and would like to swap my axels with fj60 axles. My question is can the fj60 axels just bolt onto my fj40. The fj60 has 3.73 gears and I am unsure what mine are. What will I need to do for this conversion. If you...
  2. JDNs78FJ40

    Axel not pulling out?

    Starting to rebuild the knuckles on my 78 FJ40. I’m in Utah so I’ll be purchasing the rebuild kit from @cruiseroutfit. Had the diffs sandblasted to remove most of the old grease and gunk. I’ll use Por15 on all the components. Is there a secret to pulling out the axel? It seems to rotate...
  3. D


    This rear axle is out of a 1994 LandCruiser with factory diff lockers (locker not included). Differential housing has the cut-outs for the factory locker. Unfortunately though, the axle housing is bent. Everything else is fine. Doesn’t come with rotors and calipers. $450 OBO. Toyota...
  4. froto1

    Strange Noise

    There is a strange noise coming from the front of my 2005 cruiser, it is intermittent and seems to happen at lower speeds when letting off the accelerator. The noise is like a rub/light scraping sound, and is rotational. I found a video on youtube which sounds extremely close to what I am...
  5. B

    M101 5 bolt wheel and axel

    Want to replace the M101 5 bolt wheel (900 - 16LT Tire) with a non split wheel, I understabd there are some inventory somewhere, maybe. Question: Where can i find another wheel, preferable non split replacement wheel? I have heard that thare is a 10 bolt wheel that is a budd wheel that will...
  6. E

    Is this too much rust?

    all, I am new to the forum and I am looking at buying a 100 series rig as a third vehicle toy/camping vehicle for my family. With that said, we camp about 3 hours highway drive from our home and I want the vehicle to also be a reliable and safe on the highway. I put a down payment on a 2003...
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