1. 1973Guppie

    For Sale RTT Rooftop Tent with Annex (SOCAL)

    SOLD SOLD SOLD I am selling my RTT with Annex. I have used the RTT probably 8 times in the last few years. Owned it for about 3 years. Pricing includes the Annex room that zips to the RTT. I have never used the Annex room, only installed it in the driveway. This is a generic tent that I...
  2. aausmana

    Ostrich Wing Awning - Any Experience?

    Hi All, newer to Ih8mud but have been posting my build thread on ExPo. Thinking about posting a build thread on Ih8mud as well. To the point, I have been looking at different awnings for some time now. There are some fantastic awnings out there like Eezi-Awn and Alu-Cab but they are very...
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